Our Services

Immigration Solutions (ImmigrationSolutionsExperts.com) offers its clients a comprehensive immigration solution. Our experienced legal team can evaluate which of several immigration options you and your family are best-suited to apply for and then use its expertise to help you through each stage of the immigration procedure. We are unique from other immigration consultancies because instead of offering you and your family only one choice for immigration, our legal team can evaluate your eligibility for multiple immigration options, such as:


  • Immigration to the USA
  • Immigration to Australia
  • Immigration to Canada


Why is it important to have more than one immigration option? In many cases, an individual may not qualify to immigrate to one country, but may be eligible to immigrate to another country. For example, a person may want to immigrate to Australia, but not meet the eligibility criteria; however, they might qualify to immigrate to Canada or the USA instead.


Immigration Solutions offers various immigration assessment packages, designed to meet your individual needs. As one of our clients, you can submit your details to our legal team through our user-friendly online assessment form and receive an expert immigration evaluation for the countries you selected which will inform you which program(s) you are qualified to apply for, based on your personal profile. This knowledge can assist you in making an informed decision about the best immigration option for you and your family. If you decide to apply for an immigration program, our team of experts can guide you throughout the process to make sure the procedure is done correctly and to answer your questions along the way. We basically simplify the process of exploring your immigration options and applying for your optimal immigration solution, even allowing you to pay for our professional services at each stage of the process, rather than having to pay for the entire procedure all at once. In sum, we make immigration easy and affordable!


The comprehensive immigration services that we provide our valued clients include the following (depending on which country or countries you select):


  • Professional Services For Immigration to the United States – The USA is the world’s top immigration destination and there are several US visa programs available for people who want to live in America, whether as temporary residents (non-immigrants) for a limited length of time, or as permanent residents (immigrants) for an unlimited amount of time. For example, 500,000 temporary foreign workers move to the United States each year through the H-Visa Program; 150,000 intracompany transferees relocate to the USA with the L-Visa; 22,000 individuals with “extraordinary abilities” are granted an O-Visa to live and work in America; 30,000 internationally recognized athletes, artists and entertainers are issued a P-Visa; and 6,000 religious workers stay in the US with an R-Visa. There are also many US immigration programs that issue thousands of Green Cards for permanent residency to qualified foreign nationals every year. For example, 140,000 US immigration visas (and Green Cards) are granted each year through five different Employment-Based (EB) programs, plus 50,000 Diversity Visas (and Green Cards) are issued annually via the DV-Lottery Program. Each of the various US visa programs has its own eligibility requirements and application procedures that must be satisfied successfully before a foreign national is authorized to live in America. Thus, our US immigration experts can evaluate your relevant details to determine your best option to relocate to the USA, based on your personal profile and the current regulations. If you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a specific US visa program, our experienced professionals can guide you during each stage of the procedure, to make sure your application and photo(s) are correctly submitted with the required documents and to prepare you for the crucial Consular Interview.


  • Professional Services For Immigration to Australia – The first step in the process is an expert evaluation by our experienced legal team of your eligibility to immigrate to Australia through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. We have created a user-friendly online form so that you can enter your relevant details and submit them to our legal team for review. After a thorough analysis of your information in lieu of the current Australian immigration regulations, you will receive your personalized Australian Immigration Assessment, which will inform you about your likelihood to meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa to Australia through the GSM Program. If you are evaluated as likely to meet the criteria to apply for a specific Australian PR Visa subclass through the GSM Program, our legal team can also guide you throughout the Australian immigration procedure, to make sure it is done correctly and to answer your questions during the process.


  • Professional Services For Immigration to Canada – Our Authorized Immigration Consultants that we work with can examine the details you provide in our online application form and let you know which of several Canadian immigration programs you are in the strongest position to apply for. When it comes to immigration to Canada, there are several options that may be available, such as the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP); the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP); the Provincial Nominees Program (PNP); the Quebec -Selected Skilled Workers Program (QSWP); the Caregiver Program; and the Family Sponsorship Program. In your Assessment Results, you can find out which specific Canadian immigration program you may be able apply for and whether you can apply for Express Entry to Canada. In the event that you are evaluated as likely to meet the eligibility criteria for a specific Canadian immigration program, our Immigration Consultants that we work with can help you step-by-step throughout the visa application procedure, which will vary for each Canadian visa program.



As you can see from this overview of our professional services, Immigration Solutions can be your “one-stop shop” where you can explore a variety of immigration options that may be available for you and your family. With our diverse team of experienced immigration experts, your opportunities have never been better for a new life in some of the world’s most incredible countries!