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When moving to Canada to start a new life, you want to do everything possible to have a smooth Canadian relocation experience.

Immigration Solutions is a private company (not a law firm or government agency) that offers practical products that are beneficial for individuals and families who are planning to immigrate to Canada.

Our mission is to support your Canadian relocation and career goals by providing you with the tools to maximize your opportunities living in Canada.


Online courses allow you to prepare for the IELTS, study for a certificate, or earn a university degree!

English & French

Interactive software makes it easy and fun to learn English, French or other foreign languages.


Our Career Portal helps to match job-seekers with employers that have open positions available.

about Canada

You can educate yourself about living and working in Canada and the immigration process.

Learning Courses

Canada is one of the world’s most educated countries, partly because a large percentage of new Canadian permanent residents arrive in the country possessing a post-secondary education.

Having a post-secondary education can enhance Canadian career opportunities and may help to satisfy the eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada.

Immigration Solutions collaborates with leading online universities to offer convenient and affordable online distance learning courses.

You can prepare to take the IELTS English language evaluation with an online IELTS Test Preparation Course; earn a certificate in a specific subject (e.g., finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, etc.); and even study for a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree! 

Software to Learn
English & French

English and French are the two official languages for people living in Canada.

Therefore, developing good English and/or French language skills is crucial for living and working in Canada, and could possibly help an individual qualify for Canadian immigration.

Immigration Solutions offers interactive language-learning software that can help you and your family to learn or improve English and/or French language abilities.
You can choose to learn other languages as well, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish – and more!

Career Portal

Immigration Solutions has developed an online Career Portal which is a useful online tool that matches job-seekers with employers that need foreign workers to fill open job vacancies. The Career Portal is a user-friendly platform where you can enter relevant information for your online profile (e.g., personal details, education, work experience, job skills, languages spoken, etc.). After you have completed your online Career Portal profile, you will start receiving advertisements for relocation job openings that match your personal profile. Receiving a valid job offer may open the door to relocation opportunities!


E-Books about
Living in Canada

Canadian immigration is a major life event and so it is important to educate yourself about various aspects of living and working in Canada.

Immigration Solutions makes available e-Books about living and working in Canada that can help to prepare you for a smooth Canadian relocation experience.

Topics include the following:

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