Career Portal


The Immigration Solutions Career Portal is a useful online tool that matches job-seekers with employers that need foreign workers to fill open job vacancies.

The Career Portal is a user-friendly platform where you can enter relevant information for your online profile (e.g., personal details, education, work experience, job skills, languages spoken, etc.).

After you have completed your online Career Portal profile, you will start receiving advertisements for relocation job openings that match your personal profile.

There are relocation job opportunities available for many different careers in several sectors of the economy, such as construction, education, finance, general business, healthcare, technology, etc.

Receiving a valid job offer may open the door to relocation opportunities!

DISCLAIMER: Immigration Solutions does not assist people in seeking employment in Canada, does not guarantee that customers will find a job in Canada, and does not offer or provide advice or assistance to anyone for immigration to Canada or other countries.