About Us

Immigration Solutions (ImmigrationSolutionsExperts.com) is a private consultancy that specializes in evaluating the eligibility of clients from around the globe who are seeking better opportunities through immigration to Australia, Canada, or the United States.


Our team of experts can use their many years of experience to evaluate which immigration program(s) you and your family may be most qualified to apply for so you can make an informed decision about your potential immigration options.


We also offer our valued clients personalized, professional assistance throughout the visa application procedure, to make sure their application is completed and submitted correctly and according to the established standards and deadlines.


Although Immigration Solutions is not affiliated with any government, and people are free to apply for various immigration programs on their own, our clients benefit in many important ways from the professional immigration services that we offer.


Why Choose Immigration Solutions?


1. Immigration Solutions is the largest immigration company in the world, with more than 500 employees and provides services to clients from all over the world.


2. Immigration Solutions is a European-based company that is located in the United Kingdom, and operates call centers in several countries that offer services in various languages such as: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, etc.


3. Immigration Solutions provides clients with solutions for immigration to Canada, Australia and the USA through a variety of immigration programs held by each country. All company activities in these countries are conducted by authorized immigration consultants who are registered with the relevant authorized agencies such as the ICCRC in Canada and MARA in Australia.


4. Immigration Solutions is also active in the U.S. Green Card (Diversity Visa) field and provides eligible clients with an end-to-end solution which includes the company guarantee of participation in the DV-Lottery program by correctly preparing and submitting the application and photos according to the strict regulations; submission of applications for up to 10 years; and service packages that include support in various languages, lawyer services throughout the immigration process, residence solutions for the first 2 months in the U.S. and medical insurance for the first 2 months as well.


5. Immigration Solutions offers expert assessments for other US visa options, such as employment-based immigration programs and non-immigrant temporary work visa programs. Clients who are evaluated as likely to meet the criteria to apply for a US immigration visa program (and Green Card) or non-immigrant temporary US work visa program are also offered expert guidance to simplify the procedure and make sure it is done correctly.


6. Immigration Solutions operates a Customer Service Department that provides services 24/7 in various languages.


Whether you are interested in immigration to Australia, Canada, or the United States, the experts at Immigration Solutions can simplify the immigration process for you and provide you and your family with excellent customer service throughout the procedure.