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Who We Are and What We Do

Immigration Solutions (ImmigrationSolutionsExperts.com) is a private company (not a law firm nor a government agency) that offers practical products that are beneficial for individuals and families who are planning to immigrate to Canada.

Our mission is to support your Canadian relocation and career goals by providing you with the tools to maximize your opportunities living in Canada.

We collaborate with online universities to offer a range of distance learning programs, including IELTS test preparation courses; single-subject certificate courses (for example, in finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, etc.); and even programs to study toward earning a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree!

Immigration Solutions also provides third party interactive software that makes it easy and fun to learn English, French (the two official languages of Canada) or other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish – and more!

Our online Career Portal is a useful online tool that matches job-seekers with employers that need foreign workers to fill open job vacancies – just complete your online profile and soon you will start receiving advertisements for relevant job openings.

Additionally, you can educate yourself about living and working in Canada, as well as the Canadian immigration process, before you start the relocation procedure, so that you can be more knowledgeable and better prepared.

Please note that the information presented on the ImmigrationSolutionsExperts.com website is not and shall not be considered as legal or professional advice and Immigration Solutions does not provide advice or assistance for immigration to Canada.

Offered Products


Online courses allow you to prepare for the IELTS, study for a certificate, or earn a university degree!

English & French

Interactive software makes it easy and fun to learn English, French or other foreign languages.


Our Career Portal helps to match job-seekers with employers that have open positions available.

about Canada

Online courses allow you to prepare for the IELTS, study for a certificate, or earn a university degree!

Benefits of Our Products

Individuals who want to immigrate to Canada, as well as people in general, can benefit from the products offered by Immigration Solutions.

Education – Receiving a flexible and affordable post-secondary online education can benefit anyone, but it is particularly useful for relocation to Canada since: (1) some points-based Canadian immigration programs give more points to applicants with a higher education level, and (2) having a post-secondary education can open the door to additional career opportunities and even higher earning potential.

Knowledge of English and/or French – Canada has two official languages, English and French, so it is important to possess a high level or either English or French since (1) the Canadian immigration programs for skilled foreign workers require it; (2) an applicant can potentially receive more points for certain points-based Canadian immigration programs if he or she has a higher level of English and/or French; and (3) being able to communicate in English or French can make it easier to find work in Canada, meet basic needs (such as shopping, banking, transportation, etc.), and meet new friends.

Career Portal – Finding a good-paying jobs to support oneself and one’s family is a practical pursuit and the Immigration Solutions Career Portal helps to simplify this process by matching job-seekers with employers who want to hire foreign workers to fill job vacancies that they have.

Learning More about Canadian Relocation – Our e-Books have been written to educate individuals and families about various aspects of living in Canada and the Canadian immigration process, which can help to prepare an aspiring immigrant for their new life living and working in Canada!

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Immigration Solutions has the resources that can help you to have a smooth and successful relocation to Canada.

To learn more about our quality products, please feel free to Contact Us.